Thursday, February 9, 2012

Giuliani: Obama Has 'No Clue' What Is Going On in Middle East

Ya think? From Israel National News comes this:

by Rachel Hirshfeld Giuliani: Obama Has 'No Clue' on Middle East

Former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, spoke to Sean Hannity of Fox News about the dangers of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons as well as other pressing issues plaguing the region.

Giuliani said that President Obama has “no clue” what is going on in the Middle East and that he is living in a “fairly na├»ve world.”

Giuliani stated that Iran is the biggest state sponsor of terrorism and for the American administration not to treat it as such is simply “mindboggling.” He said America, whose military capabilities far surpass those of Iran, should be willing and prepared to use military actions against the regime. Part of the problem, Giuliani noted, lies in the fact that Iran views Obama as a “weak president” and does not feel threatened by the possibility of America taking military actions.

In response to Hannity’s questions regarding the increasing unrest in Egypt, the radical Muslim Brotherhood coming to power and the current American hostage situation, Giuliani replied that this was “the risk everyone was worried about… pushing over Mubarak too quickly” and not having “any real sense of who is taking over.” He said that while Mubarak was a “bad dictator” he maintained ‘good’ relations with Israel, did not pose a threat to the United States and did not take hostages.

Giuliani stated, “I don’t know why we haven’t reacted more strongly” with regard to the 19 Americans being taken hostage in Egypt for, allegedly, inciting “unrest.” He said that this is an “insane Islamic extremist act” and that the Obama administration continues to act “nonchalantly.”

With regards to the presidential race and leading Republican candidates, Giuliani said that the key objective remains defeating Obama. He said that while the economy is a pressing issue, the next American president must be willing to forcefully take on vital national security concerns.

Quote: the Obama administration continues to act “nonchalantly.” Of course he does, because he IS 'clueless.'

Pay attention, folks!

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