Friday, July 3, 2009

July 4th Tribute to Veterans Past and Present

From Patriot Watch:

July 4th Tribute to Veterans Past and Present
All gave some... Some gave all

June 19, 2009, Sacramento, CA

The All Wars Memorial obelisk, that stands silently, strong and tall on the grounds of California's Capitol, will serve as a unique model for its Virtual World counterpart within the Veterans Village Memorial Park. Groundbreaking ceremonies are scheduled for July 4th, with completion scheduled for Veterans Day 2009.

The black granite like obelisk, depicting the heroes of our nation, will be the centerpiece for a larger region, dedicated to veterans past and present, military families and wounded warriors returning home from the battlefield. The MIA/POW flag will be displayed as a constant reminder of the deep sacrifices of so many families and their loved ones.

This will be a quiet place to honor our veterans and the only virtual memorial for all veterans, all wars and all service branches. A special marble wall with seals representing all of the armed services and golden arch reading Thank You For Your Service greets visitors as they arrive. On the wall are photos of active duty service members with their units

The Veterans Village will be both a solemn place (the memorial itself) and happy place for families to unite, even if a mom or dad is deployed in service to our nation. Instead of standing in long lines to call home, our troops with Internet access can join the kids in the park, or share intimate moments and conversations with their spouses.

In the Virtual Veterans Park, the soldiers being treated for their wounds at the Fort Bliss, TX Wounded Warrior Unit, will be able to walk with their brother soldiers who are bedridden at Walter Reed Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC. They were brothers in combat and are being reunited in a world where pain vanishes for a time as they enjoy the brotherhood of warriors.

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David Jenest said...

Thank you for sharing our first virtual tribute in this interesting new technology. We own nothing less than our best efforts to support our veterans and active duty troops.

Dave and the Patriotwatch volunteers.