Thursday, July 30, 2009

ObamaCare: Send $1 a day!

The campaign continues! As BO's policies continue at breakneck speed, his campaigning also continues unabated. During the current healthcare legislation debacle, as Americans who can read wade through the gazillion pages of small print gobbledygook - you know, the healthcare bill that the politicians are determined to pass before THEY have read it - Obama and Co, are STILL begging for your money. Again, they are asking for your direct donation. This is apart from all the indirect "donations" you are unwillingly paying as owners of banks, and auto companies, etc etc.

From my inbox today comes this gem. Read on:

Mitch Stewart,

Something unusual

Organizing for America

You've probably seen the headlines: Opponents of change are doing everything they can to delay health insurance reform. As a Republican strategy memo concluded, "If we slow this sausage-making process down, we can defeat it."

They're betting that as time goes by, our energy will flag, our movement will weaken, and they'll ultimately be able to block any change.

But they just don't get it -- thanks to the regular Americans who are reaching out in neighborhoods nationwide, our movement is expanding every day. In fact, over the weekend, we surpassed our big goal of 1 million people taking action for health insurance reform. And with your help, we'll keep growing and prove that our opponents' strategy of "delay, delay, delay" simply won't work.

So I want to ask you for something unusual: Can you chip in $1 each day until we pass real health insurance reform? A huge response will show the insurance companies and their allies in Congress that their delay tactics will only make our movement stronger.

Chip in a dollar a day

Here's how it works: We'll bill your credit card for 30 days' worth of donations now and once a month until the President signs real health insurance reform into law.

The cost of inaction on health insurance reform is astounding. Every day, 14,000 more Americans lose their coverage. Premiums continue to rise at three times the rate of wages. And each day, more small businesses are forced to choose between covering their employees and keeping their doors open.

But that doesn't stop our opponents from trying to bog down the process with legislative tricks. And at the same time, they're attacking the President for "moving too fast," even though Washington has been talking about the need for comprehensive health insurance reform since the days of Harry Truman!

What they don't realize is that outside of Washington, our campaign keeps growing. We've reached our "million" milestone, but the stories behind that number are even more impressive: grassroots press conferences with small-business owners in Missouri, more than 1,200 people at an organizing meeting in Minnesota, huge events outside local Senate offices in Florida, and so much more.

That's why our dollar-a-day campaign is so important: If the few senators and representatives who are opposing reform understand that dragging their heels makes us stronger every day -- and that the grassroots pressure on them will increase -- they'll be far less willing to keep slowing down the process.

Can you help? Please donate $1 per day until we pass real health insurance reform:

Thank you,


Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America


Paid for by Organizing for America, a project of the Democratic National Committee -- 430 South Capitol Street SE, Washington, D.C. 20003. This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

"Something unusual"?????? Not so much! This is pretty much business as usual for this "candidate". Speak up, America. Tell BO and his cronies that you will not send one more cent to them. Tell them that they will get no more "change" from you.

The campaigning continues.

[Here is what one American sent to their representatives:

Dear Representative:

I strongly urge you to oppose the government take over of the health care
industry. Rationing of health care, implementing euthanasia and denying
services to the elderly are not acceptable. In addition, we should not
add another two trillion dollars to our national debt which is already
taking us toward financial chaos. It wont stop with the elderly! Children
born with birth defects, or children with illesses due to environmental
issues or genetics will also be affected! YOU will not have this dumbed
down version of Health Care, and I NEVER want it either! Nor do I want to
PAY a penalty for NOT accepting the Obamacare reform.

I am an AMERICAN with freedoms and liberties that THIS healthcare reform
bill will EXTERMINATE! YOU can NOT let that happen to this Nation! You
were elected to PROTECT the people, not just in Alabama, but ALL
Americans. I expect to see your NO vote when this reform bill is presented
again. I also expect you to personally read it. I HAVE been doing just
that! You learned from your parents, teachers and minister to never
succumb to peer pressure. EXERCISE those precious values by standing up to
the Democrats now! Even if you are a Democrat--you KNOW in the depth of
your soul, this is WRONG. STAND UP!



If you vote for ObamaCare and refuse to require Congress to be covered by
ObamaCare, I will vote against you in the next election. My friends and
family base runs in 50 miles radius' from my location. Including but not
limited to a 200 strong military unit. I WILL exercise my rights to speak
to them all, and bring your track records with me to each meeting. The
people are tired Sir's. ]

Speaking UP!

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