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From the Front: 07/02/2010

In today's From the Front: (Click on link to read stories highlighted below) This post is courtesy of The Thunder Run

Bill: Just Because It's Not A Tin Roof
JP: Michael Yon: Get Over Yourself
Katherine Tiedemann: Daily brief: Deadly blasts hit Lahore shrine
Army Live: Iraq continues transformation
Brian Fishman: Counting al-Qaeda
Corinne Graff and Rebecca Winthrop: Busting Pakistan's madrassa myth
Battle Rattle: Time for Marines to hunt in Sistani?
Helmand Blog - Afghanistan: Commandos clear busy street of explosive devices in Sangin
Family Matters Blog: Online Tool Eases Overseas Voting Process
Amy Sun: Jalalabad fab lab Findings
Kit Up!: Guest Blog: Get a (Better) Grip on Your Carbine
Kit Up!: FN Fires Back on Mk-16 Death
Bill Roggio: 41 killed in triple suicide attack at Sufi shrine in Lahore
Helmand blog - Afghanistan: Operation LION'S GAP helps villagers intimidated by insurgents
Red Bull Rising: Best. Army Training. Ever.
Unambiguously Ambidextrous: Who cares about the Afghan government? And strong horses?
War is Boring: War Blogger Michael Yon Speaks Out
Spencer Ackerman: Job One: Petraeus Squashes Beef Over Kandahar’s Grid
Spencer Ackerman: Watch Out, Condé Nast: Al-Qaida Launches English-Language Lifestyle Mag
America's North Shore Journal: Sal Giunta survived Afghanistan
Uncle Jimbo: First living Medal of Honor recipient since Vietnam
The Captain's Journal: Afghanistan Policy in Disarray

News from the Home Front:
Military Did Not Propose Obama’s July 2011 Drawdown Date for Troops in Afghanistan
Tories 'chasing headlines' over Afghan pull-out
Documentary film maker: Fighting in Afghanistan like being 'on Mars'
Petraeus rules out drastic changes in Afghan war policy
Afghanistan troop 'surge' approved
US House approves money for Afghan surge
US officials: Al-Qaida operative tied to NY plot
War Commanders Need Better Logistics Picture, General Says

News from the Front:

Paragliding Over Mosul – Because Iraq Just Isn’t Dangerous Enough Already
1-1 CAB Aircraft Help Iraqi Air Force Expand Mission Capabilities
RFS Renovates Mosque for Iraqi Army
Recovery Team Set to Aid Convoys
Iraqi Forces Arrest 3 Terrorism Suspects
Turkish Jets Bomb Kurdish Rebels in Northern Iraq
Risk-tolerant China investing heavily in Iraq as U.S. companies hold back

ISAF Says Insurgents Seek to Reintegrate
Two foreigners die in Afghan attack
Five dead as Taliban attack aid compound in Afghanistan
Taliban bombers storm aid group in Kunduz, killing three
Afghan governor: Suicide attackers strike Kunduz
Taliban attack US troops in Afghanistan
NGOs want stronger UN humanitarian coordination
Senior U.S. commander restricts Humvee use in Afghanistan
Aid Group Attacked in Afghanistan
Attack On USAID Compound In Afghanistan Kills 4
Four dead in Afghanistan aid attack
'Casablanca Rick's Bar of Kabul' serves up its last drink
1st Recon launches new operation near Marjah
Afghanistan asks Canada to extend its military mission
The final countdown to end of Afghan mission
U.S. Enlists New Afghan Village Forces
President Obama's 2011 Deadline in Afghanistan Stirs Controversy
After McChrystal, French General now scolded for Afghanistan comments
Karzai Approves Plan for Taliban Reintegration
Afghan Hindus And Sikhs Grapple With Uncertain Future


Pakistan backing Afghan attacks, says UK officer
Pak Army claims 'sanitising' South Waziristan
Pakistanis blame US after shrine attack kills 42
Pakistan under pressure to act after Lahore violence
At least 41 dead in suicide bombings in Pakistan
Vengeful militant group rises in Pakistan
Proposal Stirs Fears of Pakistani Media Censorship
Pakistan's dual policy on Taliban

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