Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sharia creeps into the UK

From War on Terror News:

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sharia Creeps Into UK

While this newsite is focused primarily on the combat side of the War On Terror, not all battles are fought with bullets. Not all islamists are using terrorism to undermine democracy and freedom. Creeping Sharia reports that one school district in England has succumb to a major coup in the school and legal systems.

The use of Our Freedoms against us is not limited to European nations, which are far closer to falling to Sharia Law than are we. In Our own Nation, we have witnessed a group of muslim clerics provoking fear and then suing Northwest Airlines for not letting them board a plane. We've seen US Police Officers prevent the passing out of religious information on the streets of Dearborn, Michigan because it might offend muslims.

The 1st Amendment affords everyone the Freedom OF Religion, not the freedom FROM religion, and specifically not the freedom to impose religion on others. It further guarantees everyone the Freedom of Speech, specifically offensive speech, because non-offensive speech needs no protection. I don't know enough about English Law to know if they ever gained those rights after we left their Nation, but if they did, the following is an even greater offense than it first appears. From the Creeping Sharia report:

  • No Sex Education during Ramadan, since they might think about sex.
  • (free) Box lunches for muslims to take home, since they can't eat at school....

  • There is more, much more, over at WOTN here.

    You think this couldn't happen on this continent? Think again. Pay attention, America!

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