Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Message from Commander Kirk S. Lippold (USS Cole)

A Message from Commander Kirk S. Lippold

"I need your help in honoring America's fallen Heroes"

Ten years ago this October, I saw the face of evil as the ship I commanded, the USS Cole, was bombed by al Qaeda terrorists. On that unforgettable day, the incredible men and women on that ship -- some of the bravest and finest Sailors I have ever known -- saved the Cole and many of her crew. Sadly, we lost 17 of our fellow Sailors on that fateful day.

In a singular moment, the true meaning of sacrifice was crystallized in my mind. The freedom you and I enjoy as Americans is precious. Like all things of value, it comes at a cost. Imagine if that cost was your child, your spouse, your parent, or any dearly loved family member. For America's Gold Star families, that thought is their reality.

I need your help in honoring the service and sacrifice of America's fallen Heroes.

The families of our nation's fallen Heroes have had their loved ones make the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation. Our lives are blessed by the freedoms their sacrifice affords, and it is our responsibility to acknowledge these families and demonstrate our appreciation for the price they have paid. Though we know we can never repay them for what they have given, we can honor that service and sacrifice...

Will you join me in giving something back to these special families? Link here for sponsorships:

Next week, Families United will honor the families of America's fallen servicemen and women at the 2010 Weekend of Remembrance - the country's largest gathering of Gold Star families. Because Families United believes these families have already given enough, and counting on your generosity, they host this event for Gold Star families free of charge. They need your help to pay tribute to these brave men and women and their families. Each of these parents, spouses and children will join together to celebrate a loved one that gave their life fighting in support of America and our freedom.

For the price of taking your family out to dinner, you can change the life of the family of a fallen military Hero. To these families, they won't just be recognizing a brave Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Guardsman or Marine; they will be remembering and celebrating the life of their fallen Hero.

A gift of just $50 will cover the cost for a family member to attend the weekend of events.
A gift of $250 covers the cost for an entire Gold Star family to enjoy this incredible weekend.

Please join me in supporting the families and honoring their Heroes through the 2010 Weekend of Remembrance and visit the website to help sponsor a family. 100% of all donations go directly to this event.

Your tax-deductible financial gift is a simple acknowledgement of the ultimate price paid by our fallen Heroes and the loved ones they left behind.

Kind Regards,

Commander Kirk S. Lippold, U.S. Navy (Ret)
Former Commander, USS Cole

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