Monday, October 25, 2010

Operation FPH Blues

From BlackFive:

Gina Elise

I don't think there's ever a bad time to run a photo of Gina Elise of Pin-Ups for Vets. Classy, classic, and fun are words that spring to mind. Dedicated to doing for the troops and veterans is a phrase that comes to mind (okay, not the first phrase) as well. It's been my priviledge to know her for several years now, and an honor to support her work.

Today, I'm glad to join with Gina and announce Operation FPH Blues

The post-holiday blues can be bad enough on those who are healthy, and fully engaged in their normal activities. Stop for a moment and consider what it might be like for a member of the U.S. or Allied forces who find themselves evacuated to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. The time between Thanksgiving and New Year's has been like a fire-hose of attention, visits, and more. Then, suddenly, it's gone. They are alone in a hospital, in a foreign country, and away from friends, family, and normal support networks. Despite the dedicated efforts of staff and volunteers, the blues can hit hard.

Recognizing that, Gina Elise of the non-profit Pin-Ups for Vets and Cooking with the Troops have partnered to create Operation Fight Post Holiday Blues. This special event, timed for mid-January to have maximum effect, will combine a special dinner for a planned 150 people cooked by Guest Chef Ellen Adams, with hospital and other visits by Gina to help drive the blues away. To aid this effort, the team is being joined by author Michael Z. Williamson, who will also do visits, autographs, and give away books. And, yes, Baen Books is donating books for Operation FPH Blues. ...

There is much more to this exciting project over at BlackFive here. GO now and see what YOU can do to help.

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