Saturday, October 30, 2010

Valour-IT update

Part of the money raising effort is an online auction being hosted by YouServed. Over the years, many amazing items have been offered for auction, and this year is no exception. One example of an item, with an amazing history, comes from Castle Argghhh! :

Valour-IT Days

...this small blurb isn’t about those of us who took hits for the Team. It’s about those who took hits for *all* of us. Not just Team Army, or the Marine Team, or Team Air Force, or Team Navy.

They took hits for Team USA. Team Every American.

I’m not going to go into the origins of Project Valour-IT, or talk about the success stories, or praise the folks who got it started and the ones who continue to make it work, because people who are much better writers than I am, and who have closer ties than I do, have that covered.

I want to tell you a small story, instead, because that’s the one thing I *can* do kinda well.

Y’see, back when I was teaching the Instrument Survival Course to the Iraqi “legacy” pilots, I got to know them all and become friends with most of them. A couple of them used the skills I taught them to save their lives and their aircraft. One of them saw me later, took the wings off his flight suit, and “gifted” me.

When he first went back into the IqAF, he was assigned as an LNO with the One-Oh-First at Dagger. He was there when a rocket whacked the building he was walking into and severely wounded his US best friend. He heard about the rocket that almost did for me and he came up from Baghdad to see if I was really okay, and he told me the story about his friend in the One-Oh-First.

These are the wings he had "gifted" to me.

Here’s the deal. I’m sending them to John to throw into Team Army’s donation pot....

There is more that you need to read here. The items for auction are added to often, so be sure and check them out here. For a list of the many blogs that make up Team Army in this year's efforts, go to BlackFive here.

For more of an overview on the Valour-IT campaign, go here:

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Having done all of that, the only thing left to do is:

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As Hell in a Basket says:
Wounded but Still in the Fight

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Project Valour-IT

Skip the latte’ today, donate the $$ to help a fighter like this take back his life. He gave a lot. You can give a little….


What are you waiting for? Get going, and thank you.

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