Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bill Clinton sends me his best!!~

From my 'friend' Bill today:

I hope you do something about it

Bill Clinton

This election is different from any other.

Governor Romney and his allies are hell bent on taking President Obama down. And you better believe they're going to spend -- and say -- whatever it takes to make that happen, even if they have to make it up, like the phony attacks charging the President with weakening work requirements for welfare or the charge that he plundered Medicare, when in fact he added eight years to its solvency and closed the doughnut hole in the drug program!

I want to say thanks to supporters like you. You are the reason the President has a fighting chance. We're not going to win the money race, but we will win the one that matters if we each do our part.

Donate $3 or more, and join me in standing with President Obama:

Last night at the convention, I made my case for why we need to re-elect this president. I don't think I have to repeat here how much he's done, how much more we can do together, and how much is at stake.

I just hope you do something about it. I'll see you out there.

My best,

Bill Clinton

Paid for by Obama for America

All together now: *SPIT*

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