Friday, September 7, 2012

US Military votes in November?

Anybody paying even a smidgen of attention knows that many of the deployed US Military will be unable to have a vote counted in the November election. Never mind all the flowery words of commitment to our Troops, it seems that ensuring those who fight for our right to vote, get to exercise THEIR right to vote, is not a priority for the politicians.

From Washington Guardian:

Pentagon fails to comply with law to help overseas soldiers vote, watchdog says

September 6, 2012 | BY John Solomon

With another election lurking around the corner, the Pentagon is getting a bad review for its efforts to comply with a new law designed to make it easier for overseas military personnel to cast their ballots.

The Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act was passed by Congress in 2009 and signed into law by President Barack Obama and was supposed to make it easier for service people deployed overseas and U.S. citizens living abroad to cast ballots back in their home states.

One of the key provisions required each military branch to create an installation voting assistance office (IVAO) for every military base outside an immediate combat zone.

But the Pentagon’s inspector general, the military’s internal watchdog, reported Tuesday it got a disappointing result when it tried to locate such voting assistance offices on each installation earlier this year.

“Results were clear. Our attempts to contact IVAOs failed about 50 percent of the time,” the inspector general reported. “We concluded the Services had not established all the IVAOs as intended by the MOVE Act because, among other issues, the funding was not available.”...

Really a must read here.

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