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The KSM NY Trials: YOUR Mission

Time to Raise Your Voices.

(courtesy of Keep America Safe)

Since Attorney General Holder announced that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his terrorist cohorts would be tried in a civilian court in New York - just blocks away from Ground Zero, the site of the worst terrorist attacks on US soil - Americans have raised their voices in protest. The families directly impacted by that act of war have spoken out. I shared an interview with Diane Fairben, mother of Keith, a paramedic who rushed to the scene on that awful day.

In that interview, Diane said, in part:

..this was an act of war. They had an agenda and were military trained... makes me physically ill that they should be near to hallowed ground, which is what that is to us. Bringing them that close to ground zero is like bringing them to the cemetary where Keith is...

You can read the rest of that interview here.

Pat Buchanan wrote on this here. He asks the question: "Is America at War?"
Dick Cheney also went on the record with his views. Take a look here. Daniel Pearl's parents have protested loudly on the government's intent to try these terrorists in NY:


On behalf of the Daniel Pearl Foundation, we wish to join you today in a call to reverse Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to try America’s new-type of enemies in New York Federal court.

We wish to add to your rally the perspective of our own personal tragedy which, in many ways, has come to symbolize the depth of inhumanity that has swept our planet in the 21st century, and the sense of urgency with which this planet is currently watching your rally, in New York City, a rally that may very well hold the key to the future of open society.

We, who witnessed the darkest side of hell, and have since spent every moment of our lives studying the anatomy of terror, we refuse to accept the strategy of normalization that Holder’s decision represents. [emphasis mine]Terror is a crime against society, and should not be tried in the same court as crimes against individuals or against a particular country....[Read the rest of this impassioned plea here]

The New York Times also published an interview with Judea Pearl:

Daniel Pearl's dad is sickened by Obama's 9/11 trial decision

Last Updated: 12:29 PM, November 14, 2009

Posted: 3:15 AM, November 14, 2009

The father of slain Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl slammed the Obama administration's decision to hold a public trial for admitted 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed -- who boasted of killing his son in Pakistan.

Judea Pearl said he was "sick to the stomach" when he heard that the Justice Department decided to prosecute Mohammed in Manhattan federal court.

"I don't want to hear every morning in the papers what KSM did," Pearl told The Post last night. "Danny was killed once. Now he will be killed 10 times a day. Leave him alone." [read the rest of that here]

David Beamer, father of Todd, has also protested long and loud on the spectre of KSM having a pulpit in NY from which to spew his hatred. Watch one of his interviews here.

And the list goes on and on, with many adding their voices in outrage at Holder's decision to give these terrorists - killers who have openly declared war on America - all the rights of American citizens.

One of the most eloquent - and poignant - 9/11 family members to speak out against Holder's ill-considered plans to hold these trials in civilian court is Peter Regan.:

November 25, 2009

These killers don't deserve the rights of Americans

Stop the trial, Mr. President

Excerpts from Peter Regan's remarks yesterday at a press conference on protests against the "9/11 trial" being held in New York.

I AM here today to express my opinion on this administration's recent decision to put terrorists from a foreign land on trial in a civilian court of law of the United States of America.

I am an American. I am a United States Marine, a New York City firefighter and the son of a New York City firefighter killed on 9/11.

As an American, I believe in the Constitution of the United States. I believe that the rights it guarantees are reserved for American citizens -- not handed out freely to people serving a destructive ideology. The rights that Americans have fought to protect for Americans should not be gifted to people who seek the destruction of this nation. [here, courtesy of Family Security Matters.]

On December 5, many groups came together to rally in protest against this disgraceful decision. Families of the 9/11 victims have formed numerous groups under the umbrella title of Keep America Safe. Debra Burlingame is one of the public faces of the 9/11 families:

My commentary appears in the New York Daily News this morning. Here it is; please take a few minutes to read it, join us if you can Saturday 12/5 at noon in Foley Square, and co-sign our letter to President Obama:

My brother was Charles (Chic) Burlingame, captain of American Airlines Flight 77, which was hijacked and crashed into the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001.

Now I am one of the organizers of a rally being held at noon this Saturday in Foley Square to stop President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and members of Congress from bringing sworn enemies of the United States into this country – from bringing war criminals captured on the battlefield, lawfully held as war detainees, into civilian court.

It doesn’t have to happen. We who are opposed to the decision must make ourselves perfectly clear to the powers that be that we will not tolerate this decision.

Two weeks ago, 300 family members of 9/11 victims sent a letter to the President telling him we adamantly oppose this dangerous and unnecessary act. The letter was never acknowledged. Then, one hour after the attorney general made his stunning announcement that unlawful foreign combatants would be tried as civilians, the number of signers to that letter jumped to 45,000. By the end of the day the number was 100,000. Our Internet server couldn’t handle the volume of Americans who had somehow found out about this letter and wished to stand with us.

The attorney general has suggested that those who oppose prosecuting these men here in New York City are afraid – that we somehow don’t have the courage to face Khalid Shaikh Mohammed in court.

How dare this man, who didn’t have the decency to notify victims’ families of his decision to bring these monsters here, imply that we lack courage. Courage is carrying on after watching your loved ones die, in real time, knowing that they burned to death, were crushed to death, or jumped from 100 flights high. Courage is carrying on, even as we waited, in some cases years, for something of our loved ones to bury. More than 1,100 families still wait. [read more here]

That rally was attended by thousands of outraged Americans. On a rainy NY day, many stood to tell Holder that these killers should not be tried in civilian court. One was Charles "Cully" D. Stimson. Uncle Jimbo of BlackFive video-taped his speech to the crowd. You can watch that here. Hannity also hosted a special show last week with the 9/11 families. You can find more of that here.. One particular comment - among the many - on that site:

The idea of putting KSM on trial in a civial court amounts to treason. KSM has said that he wont's to be his own attorney. As such he could be given all information that we have in regards to his trial. A lot of this would be top secret. Both the Attorney General and the President are attorney's Giving him that information would be giving aide and comfort to our enemies. THAT is treason....(here)

Whether or not you agree that what Holder proposes is treason, America needs to keep the pressure on the politicians to reverse this decision which amounts to 'aid and comfort' of America's self-proclaimed enemies. The heat is on, as various politicians start join the many Americans who know that this is wrong.

THIS is where your mission lies. Keep America Safe has issued an "Action Alert: Raise your voice today"... It says, in part:

With this new coalition, we can combine the firepower of all supporting organizations to target this one specific issue for reversal. This effort has been met with overwhelming support. Since its inception, the Coalition has gained the support of the Center for Security Policy, ACT For America and the Uniformed Retired Firefighters Association, among others.

The rally in New York City was a warning shot to the members of Congress. Now the fight needs to move from the streets of New York to the offices of Congress. By a wide margin, recent polls show that Americans do not support this policy. We will target any member of Congress who ignores the will of the people on this issue.

We are asking every person who objects to the terror trials to contact Congressional offices in Washington and in local districts. Phone calls, letters and personal visits can keep the pressure on Congress.

Even if you don't receive a personal response, they are getting your messages. If you don't do anything, you will guarantee they will never hear you. Action is needed on your part -- on our part -- to preserve the chance that our voices will be heard and terrorists captured on the battlefield will be kept out of our civilian courts.

We are not asking you for your money or your vote; we are asking for something far more valuable: your time. This is not an appeal for you to do something for us. This is an appeal asking you to raise your voice.

Put your Congressmen and Senators on record.

Today, Keep America Safe launched the video "Raise Your Voice," which was shot on location this past Saturday at the rally in New York. We encourage you to respond to this video via YouTube with a short video report of what your representative told you when you called, emailed or visited.

Besides video reports, we encourage you to join the Coalition's Facebook page and file your report on its wall. You can also post a brief line directed to @Never911Forget on Twitter, telling the world who is with us and who stands against us. We also urge you to report your findings to local and national radio, telling the hosts what your representatives told you. All of these things can make a difference and will keep the pressure on Congress.

Let's find out who the real leaders are in the U.S. Congress and who is willing to fight back.


Tim Brown and Debra Burlingame
Co-founders, 9/11 Never Forget Coalition

(courtesy of Keep America Safe)

America, we cannot let this stand. Raise your voices - TODAY - to tell all the politicians they need to be on the record telling Holder that these terrorists - war criminals - must NOT be tried in a New York civilian court room. In the Keep America Safe Action Alert quoted above, there is a link to every politician in the country. Today, contact every single one of them, and make your voices heard.

Do it for Keith, for his family, and all the other American families who lost their precious loved ones on 9/11.

What are you waiting for? Raise your voices, NOW!!!

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Poet Warrior said...

Thank you Brat for giving voice to these reports and these people. I watched Hannity and the show was frank. There is no doubt where those people stand. I have to say this about obama and his gang. They do not care about us or this country. The oath they took is the means to an end---their agenda. Their arrogance is beyond measure. It does not matter what we say, do or write. I speak out to my reps every week. We must vote and clean house in order to make our point. They will not respond. Period. They are right and we are stupid. That is their opinion. Look at the AG's record. Marc Rich is just the tip of the iceberg. An example is they will take a few things out of health care, save some seats and put everything back in after next year's elections. All libs are laughing. Holder is laughing. Obama is laughing. This trial is meant to embarass the former administration. They will hurt every family which lost people in the Towers. Their power is all they care about. Their agenda is all they care about. They want 51% of the economy is what they want. Then they have socialism. Whatever the cost is, it means they win. Everything else, including these heroic people are sacrificial lambs to their primaray purpose. They have put 6 or 8 things on the table to divert our attention so we don't see the big play. All these little pieces make a horrid big picture. And these wonderful folks are chess pieces on the board. Nothing more. Just one vet's opinion. I am with them. I agree with every thing they say. They have broken their oath and every promise made in the campaign. Every vote in favor of every proposal they have offered by every politician in DC is just as evil. We need to get the big brooms out and sweep them all out of DC and send them home. We need new faces. It will take the new ones a while to get as corrupt.