Monday, December 22, 2008

Baghdad at Christmas

Santa and his helpers stand under palm trees at Baghdad's first public Christmas festival.

From Claire at Knee Deep in the Hooah comes this:

Excerpted below is an article from CNN on the first open, publicly celebrated Christmas ever in Iraq. I pray that the Iraqi Christians can openly celebrate their faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ in safety and peace from this point forward and forever. I pray that they can worship God without fear of persecution and punishment, and that they can share the hope of the Gospel to those around them. Amen!

Go to CNN (title hyperlinked to article) for pictures of the festivities. I originally found this on Right Nation.

Baghdad celebrates first public Christmas amid hope, memories
By Jill Dougherty
Dec 21, 2008
BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — From a distance, it looks like an apparition: a huge multi-colored hot-air balloon floating in the Baghdad sky, bearing a large poster of Jesus Christ. Below it, an Iraqi flag.

Welcome to the first-ever public Christmas celebration in Baghdad, held Saturday and sponsored by the Iraqi Interior Ministry. Once thought to be infiltrated by death squads, the Ministry now is trying to root out sectarian violence — as well as improve its P.R. image....

Go read the rest here. It IS from CNN. I know, I know. The msm actually reporting GOOD news from Iraq. Another wonder...;)

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