Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Patriotic Musicians

From Yankeemom comes this:

Patriotic Musicians

I received an email the other day about a father and daughter who have a band.

I love that! We have musician friends whose kids decide that they want to learn the guitar or drums and to watch the pride in “Dad’s” or “Mom’s” face as their son or daughter rock out with them is just precious.

Well, this Dad and daughter are not only really good, but they love this country and the ones who defend it!

With all the nonsense coming from so many bands out there about how bad this country is and how our military are just hired killers, it is always so heartening to me when I find out about a band that feels just the opposite. And that’s why I want to share them with you.

They are Michael Darwin and his daughter Sophie. Go here to see photos. Go here to read their story.

Now they have written and produced a song called “I believe in America”....

And to watch the video, and read more, you'll need to go to Yankeemom's site here

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