Saturday, December 27, 2008

We Have A Right To Live In Peace!

As the world heaps abuse on Israel, and demands "reason" and "an end to the Israeli aggression" etc etc, some people have been documenting what Hamas has been doing on a daily basis to the Israelis. You haven't seen this in the msm but if you have been paying attention, you will KNOW that not only has Israel been MORE than restrained as Hamas has hammered them for months on end, they just in the last few days warned Hamas that they WOULD take retaliatory action. And so it is.

Findalis has been one of those who has reported the constant attacks by the Hamas thugs, and the latest from her is a MUST read:

We Have A Right To Live In Peace!

Imagine you are in church and a rocket hits the building. Or just sitting in your home. That is what happened to Beber Vaaknin and 5 other individuals when rockets from Gaza landed in their neighborhood in Netivot.

Beber Vaaknin murdered by a Hamas rocket.
Terror groups fire at Israeli communities: 58-year-old Beber Vaaknin was killed and five other Israelis sustained light to serious wounds after rockets hit a synagogue in Eshkol Regional Council as well as an apartment building in Netivot, the Magen David Adom ambulance service said.

The direct hit on the synagogue seriously wounded a man who had been inside, and rescue services had to drag him from the rubble. Another man was lightly injured in the attack. Another rocket fired from Gaza landed on a power line, causing a power failure in three Israeli towns.

Hamas' armed wing, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades claimed responsibility for the deadly attack in Netivot.

A short while after the IDF launched its major aerial strike in Gaza, the Red Color anti-rocket alarm went off at southern Israeli communities, as terrorists started firing rockets at Israel. The IDF Home Front Command is urging residents to remain in secured rooms and bomb shelters.

The Palestinian bombardment started around 1 pm, when a rocket hit the Netivot area. A short while later, the rocket alarm was heard in Ashkelon, as two rockets hit the southern city. No injuries or damage were reported in the strike.

In the most recent barrage at least 10 rockets were fired toward Netivot. One of the rockets hit a private home, while the second landed on an apartment building in the city, resulting in the death of 58-year-old Beber Vaaknin. Three other people were evacuated to nearby hospitals with light to serious wounds. Another rocket landed near the local market.

At least 20 rockets have been fired toward Israel since Saturday morning.

Full Story
Netivot was founded in 1956 as a development town along with Sderot to the north, and Ofakim to the south. Netivot attracts a number of mainly Sephardi Jewish pilgrims, who come to pray at the tomb of a Moroccan-born tzaddik and kabbalist Baba Sali (died 1984) who is buried there.

It is a lovely town. Filled with happy families, and quiet neighborhoods. A town of tree lined streets. Now marred by Hamas.

Another family mourns. And yet the world has done nothing to stop these attacks. But they condemn Israel for attacking back. Just wait. The pictures of the dead children will come next, then the protests in Europe and the US. Then the UN will try and force Israel to stop. Already the Dhimmis are crying out....

Go read it all here, and then bookmark Monkey in the Middle and check back often. There you will find the truth on an ongoing basis. You know, what you will not read in the msm.

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