Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Against GITMO trial in New York: Reminder!

Have YOU signed the Petition2Congress yet?

I have previously written about AG Holder and the BHO administration decision to take KSM to trial in a civilian court in New York, mere blocks from ground zero. You can read the background here, here, or here (just for starters.) Many Americans have rallied, raised their voices against such a travesty, but still the BHO mob persists in according terrorists all the rights of American citizens.

So much is wrong with this, and your voice needs to be added to those already on the record demanding that KSM - and all war criminals, self-proclaimed enemies of America - be tried by military commission.

PLEASE sign the petition to Congress here.

Do it for these heroes:

September 11, 2001 WAS a national tragedy that gave us many heroes. Let's not add to that tragedy by allowing terrorists another platform from which to attack all who we hold dear.

PLEASE - sign the petition to Congress, for the families.

Petition here.

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CyberPastor said...

Just signed Aunty Brat. Will cross post on our blog too. God bless you my friend.