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Staff Sgt. Mike Woodward, 2nd Infantry Division, hands out rulers to students at the Andleab school in Diyala, Iraq, April 7, 2010. U.S. troops joined Iraqi Police to deliver pencils, notebooks, calculators and more. U.S. Army photo by Spc. Ry Norris.

US troops, Iraqi Police supply 2 schools

Written by Spc. Ry Norris, 3rd Infantry Division Headquarters
Thursday, April 15, 2010 18:54

DIYALA – Eager faces peeked through windows as students tried to catch a glimpse of Iraqi Police and U.S. Soldiers bearing gifts of school supplies here, April 7.

U.S. Soldiers with 2nd Platoon, Troop C, 1st Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment, and IP visited students at two schools; the Andleab school, in the Albulatif village, and the Abn Baitars school, in the Jamaylia village of Diyala province.

School faculty had no prior knowledge, nor knew the purpose, of the visit. "It's an unexpected surprise," said Vice Principal Raad Mahmouad of the Abn Baitars school. "Anything that will help us is very much appreciated."

This is the second time his school has received donations.

The schools run two sessions to accommodate a vast number of students. Andleab has more than 160 children in attendance between the ages of five and 12. Abn Baitars is a secondary school with approximately 220 in attendance between the ages 13 and 18.

Each school received approximately $1,000 in school supplies this year. The faculty chooses one class to receive the first of the supplies. The IP handed each child in the classroom a calculator, ruler, pencil, and notebook. "The children are happy. That is what's important," said Mahmouad.

The schools were also given white boards, markers, highlighters, and pens. These will be used and distributed throughout the school at the faculty's discretion.

"When we establish this repertoire, the people are more willing to assist us in helping them," said Spc. Mikal Rogers, a Soldier with Troop C, 1/14 Cav., attached to the 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division. "Not only will this help the kids of Iraq, it will help the country as a whole. We're here to help the future of Iraq. These kids are a part of that future."

The IP and Troop C, 1/14 Cav. have conducted just a few humanitarian missions to date, but hope to do more in the near future in an effort to establish a better relationship with the people of the region.

"The mission was a success," said Lt. Ghassan with the IP. "The children are happy. We are happy. They are a part of our community. We will continue to look after them and protect them." (here)

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