Friday, April 2, 2010

Keith Fairben Blood Drive

YOUR mission today:


Location:Our Lady of Victory Church, Floral Park, NY
Time:2:00PM Friday, April 2nd

Annual blood drive in memory of Keith Fairben, sponsored by the Floral Park Knights of Columbus, and the Floral Park Fire Department.

From Captain Lou D'Amore:

[...] "Keith was a fellow firefighter as well as a good friend to many. He was someone who always did as much as he could between the fire department and Presbyterian Hospital. His nature was to help people, just as he did on 9/11. Today, having a street sign dedicated to Keith is a special way of saying 'thank you' for all that he did and a reminder to all of us every time we see it."...

From "Keith Fairben: Still Riding."

Such an easy way for YOU to say Thank you...

Please, do this for Keith. I thank you!

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