Wednesday, April 14, 2010

From the Front - 04/14/2010

The Thunder Run's From the Front is a daily series that highlights news and personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

In today's From the Front: (Click on link to read stories highlighted below) This post is courtesy of The Thunder Run

Short Timers: Shameless promotion department
A Major's Perspective: Care Packages
Afghanistan My Last Tour: Interview with Former Mujahedeen Commander
Afghanistan My Last Tour: Corruption – My Last Straw
Katherine Tiedemann: Daily brief: U.S. pulls out of perilous Afghan valley
Elizabeth Rubin: Mother courage: being pregnant on the frontline
Helmand Blog - Afghanistan: Gunners return home from Afghanistan
Helmand Blog - Afghanistan: Household Cavalry Regiment receive Afghanistan medals
Family Matters Blog: Top Wives Applaud Military Children
IraqPundit: Someone Tell Maliki
IraqPundit: Saudis Offer, um, Advice
Jamie McIntyre: Pentagon Media Strategy– REVEALED!
The Kitchen Dispatch: Steinbeck's Friends and a chance but brief conversation about war
Wes Bruer: Zazi case sheds light on US plot, Pakistan connections
Loving A Soldier Blog: Encouraging New Army Wives with kindness, support and blessings...
Dude in the Desert: 13 April 10 Close call?
Christian Bleuer: What of Kyrgyzstan’s Ethnic Uzbeks?
The Sandbox: UNDERWAY
Andi: Are You Settled?
Texas Music: The Villa
The Unknown Soldiers: We remember Aurora
Zach in Afghanistan: Stuck in Germany
DAVID AXE: Time to “Crowdsource� Weapons Design
What? Mermaids?: i miss you
Nathan Hodge: Deadly Afghan Bus Shooting Spotlights Civilian Harm

News from the Home Front:
Oregon Guard soldiers lawsuit again war contractor KBR can go forward

News from the Front:
Kurds revisit Anfal massacre
Anti-American Demonstration in Najaf
No, Minister
Gates Assails Internet Group Over Attack Video
Officials Say 9 / 11-Style Plot in Iraq Foiled
Iraq’s Forces Prove Able, but Loyalty Is Uncertain
Iraqi Medics Take Flight With MEDEVAC Training
Mudhif Houses Capture Spirit of Iraqi Culture

Mother courage: being pregnant on the frontline
18-year-old Afghan women slain in campaign of fear
British Election Issues: Frugality and Afghanistan
The Way Ahead for Civilian and Military Efforts in Afghanistan
Marines try unorthodox tactics to disrupt Afghan opium harvest
U.S. and Pakistan adapt their approach on divisive issue of North Waziristan
Officials Explain Afghanistan’s Complexity
US Commander Says Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan Undermine Military Mission
Gates Cites Importance of Preventing Civilian Casualties
Afghan city fears greater Taliban presence
ISAF Commander Patrols With Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team
IJC Operational Update, April 13
Afghans, Provincial Reconstruction Teams Work Development Projects in the West
Karzai to meet UN commission probing Benazir murder following Zardari's request
Karzai to appoint IEC, ECC chiefs soon
Pentagon resumes full operations on Kyrgyz base
MPs ask Karzai to name cabinet in 10 days
Taliban claim inflicting casualties on Afghan forces
3 children killed in attack
60 m tons of food given to Khosan workers

The Thunder Run's From the Front is a daily series that highlights news and personal dispatched from the front and the home front.

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