Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day Of Remembrance

From Monkey In the Middle:

Starting tonight at sunset and until tomorrow’s sunset, Jews through out the world will be remembering those who were murdered in the Holocaust.

I could write volumes to describe the horrors that the German nation, their allies, and even the United States and Great Britain allowed to happen. But instead I will let the survivors speak.

These tales of sorrow, and triumph tell the story, the truth better than this correspondent could.

From Yad Vashem via YouTube:

Yad Vashem: Remembering the Past, Shaping the Future

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Eliezer Ayalon

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Jakob Zim

And there are more videos that are a MUST WATCH! Go here, spend some time, and learn what was allowed to happen, because the world turned away.

Go, and gain an understanding of the darkness that threatens all of us if we again do nothing as evil is allowed to roam free across our world. Findalis ends with this:

Once more the Jewish people are being threatened by those who would seek their destruction. And once more the so-called leaders of the civilized world will look the other way. But this time we Jews will not go quietly into the gas chambers! This time we have the means to fight back! This time we will prevail!


Monkey in the Middle has many more videos, and much more information.A must read HERE.

Israeli Soldier's LIFE & THOUGHTS (An Israeli soldier serving in a field unit of the IDF), has a most eloquent post:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Holocaust Remembrance Day

(Yom HaZikaron LaShoah VeLaGvura)

In memory of this 6,000,000.

[Tech note: I don't know how to downsize the YouTube videos, so go over to Monkey In the Middle for the full screens. Thank you]

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