Saturday, April 3, 2010

ISAF Forces Save Life of Afghan Child

From War on Terror News:

ISAF Forces Save Life of Afghan Child

ISAF Joint Command
KABUL, Afghanistan - A 10-year-old Afghan boy lays motionless in his hospital bed as a nurse gives him another injection of morphine to help him deal with his pain. Even in this condition, he is better than he was Sunday morning when he was nearly fatally wounded by a piece of shrapnel from an exploding rocket-propelled grenade.

The boy was on his way to school Sunday when insurgents fired a rocket-propelled grenade
during a fire-fight with another insurgent group. The boy was wounded in the cross fire. The insurgent-on-insurgent battle lasted most of the morning. When it was over, the boy's father brought him to a German medical facility in Kunduz for treatment.

The ISAF medical staff there began treatment of what they first thought was a gunshot wound, with the projectile still lodged in the little boy's neck. Doctors later realized it was shrapnel. The boy was then transported to Camp Marmal which houses the only medical facility in northern Afghanistan with both a brain surgeon and advanced life support equipment.

Tests revealed the shrapnel was wedged near the boy's spine....

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