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HMS Chatham rescues Yemeni fishermen

A Military Operations news article

16 Feb 10

While on a counter-piracy patrol in the Gulf of Aden, the Royal Navy warship HMS Chatham recently came to the aid of some Yemeni fishermen whose dhow was seen drifting helplessly.

Royal Marines from HMS Chatham come to the aid of Yemeni fishermen

Royal Marines from HMS Chatham come to the aid of 21 Yemeni fishermen in a drifting dhow
[Picture: Crown Copyright/MOD 2010]

The Type 22 Devonport-based frigate is currently deployed on NATO's Operation OCEAN SHIELD.

The Royal Marines onboard the ship were dispatched to the aid of the 21 Yemeni fishermen who were drifting in the middle of the policed shipping zone, the internationally recommended transit corridor, which is deemed the safest route for maritime traffic.

On arrival, it quickly became clear to the Marines that the dhow, which was full of fish and fishing equipment, needed assistance.

The distressed fishermen were in a vulnerable position in the middle of an extremely busy shipping lane and, to make matters worse, they were 81 miles (130km) from land with no fuel.

HMS Chatham was able to provide enough fuel for the Yemenis to return home safely.

Petty Officer Steve Perry, who took charge of getting the fuel from HMS Chatham to the dhow, said:

"The master of the dhow was happy to see us and very appreciative that a NATO ship was able to provide him with some fuel. I'm glad that we could help them go safely on their way." (read more here)

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