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Whose War Is This?

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Whose War Is This?

As we go into the eighth year of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan I read more and more about how this is Bush’s War or now it’s Obama’s War and even read the statement by a British Military mom stating how proud she was her son who had joined the military and it wasn’t even “their war”. Which got me to thinking… whose war is it?

On Sept. 11, 2001 3164 people died in the attacks. More than 90 countries lost citizens that fateful day. So again I ask whose war is this?

The Muslim terrorist are not centering out Americans. They are targeting anyone from any country that does not believe as they do and does not live their lives as muslims. And being muslim will not keep you safe from their acts of terror. Click on this Link to the 12 faces of Sharia Law.(Graphic) to see how a woman who refuses a marriage proposal is treated by muslims. To me this is Humanity’s war. This is the time when if good men do nothing evil will win. All people who have any humanity should be calling this their war. This is not a disagreement between two nations this is a battle of good and evil. I have read extensively the statements of those who have left the practice of Islam and one of the things that stood out to me is that when they were able to read and understand the quran they realized how hateful and wrong the religion is. There are those in parts of the world who will never know the true words of the quran. To them is it simply a way of life and they have no true evil intent. They are simply surviving in a culture that they know nothing different. And yes there are even those who practice islam who will only find the good of it and implement it. About now someone reading this is scream there is no good in islam… to them I say… Islam does focus on strong family ties and when not bastardized by extremist that can be a good thing and something we should all strive for. You have to understand that most people in the muslim world have been brainwashed to believe the evil translation and implementation of islam. So yes we need to reach these people through education not only of how we live but how they have been lied to and made to believe things about their faith that are not true.

Yesterday Michael Yon posted this picture on his website.

Maj Lucy

Major “Lucy” Lehker is an American Combat nurse whispering comforting words to a Canadian Soldier. ( By the way I have the upmost respect for Combat medical personnel . They are Angels and Heroes in one package) This picture is HUMANITY. It’s caring for and comforting another. It’s defending that which is right and good.

Looking at this picture I saw multiple nations represented. No one was worried about what uniform was worn they only knew that this was a fight that has to be fought. This war is not about fighting the Afghanistan people nor was Iraq about fighting the Iraqi people . It’s about stopping a virus of evil from spreading and giving all people a chance to live without fear and terror. Those over there fighting and risking their lives daily know this is not someone’s war. They understand that is a war against the inhumane and the war belongs to all of HUMANITY.

*** I want to thank Michael Yon for giving me permission to use his photo in this blog. Please take a moment to visit Michael Yon’s site and read his dispatches. I respect his honest reporting of the War in Afghanistan. If you can please donate a few dollars to help him continue to bring the truth about what the Coalition Forces are doing over there. Michael.. as always Take Luck **...

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