Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who is Barack Hussein Obama? : The Obama/Soetoro Dossier

***[UPDATE: Removed by request....- that didn't take long, did it? BUT you CAN still watch it on YouTube here. Won't allow embedding...so you better HURRY!!!...lol]***

This video was originally on YouTube as recently as last Sunday (20th February. ) When I went back today to replay it? Removed. Take a look:

I don't doubt for one minute that this will also be removed soon, so watch it here, and then pass it along.

Even if you do not believe this is based on an actual CIA dossier, it does connect the dots of unanswered questions about BHO's origins. BHO and his minions have expended far too much energy avoiding questions that could be answered in mere minutes. He refuses to provide documentation which could very quickly refute any question of his suitability/eligibility to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

This video has - I believe - some of those answers and some of that documentation. Watch it, and draw your own conclusions.

H/T Mark

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