Monday, February 15, 2010

Corporal Josh Baker: the family also serves

Corporal Joshua Caleb Baker (DND picture)

I wrote of this Canadian hero on Saturday, when it was reported that he had paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and for the freedoms of the Afghanistan people. (Go here)

My regular readers know that I always honour the service and sacrifice of the families of our fallen.

Corporal Baker's family has released a statement. In their loss, they share their most precious son, brother, uncle with us. I could just link to it, but I reprint it in full here, as my small way of acknowledging the life and the loves of this young Canadian:


Joshua Caleb Baker was soft-spoken man, with a great sense of humour, who loved his family above all things. We'll remember him as someone with a big heart, someone who got along with everyone he met and someone who would do anything for anyone.

Josh was proud to be in the military and looked forward to pursuing all the opportunities it gave him. While he was frustrated that progress was slow, Josh was hoping to make a difference in Afghanistan. He valued the experience working with Afghans gave him. We were surprised to find out he developed a real taste for tea from his short time there.

Josh was hoping to start a new chapter in his life when he returned from Afghanistan. He looked forward to applying to The Edmonton Police Service, but vowed to maintain his service with The Loyal Edmonton Regiment as a reservist. He was most excited for the house he just purchased and continuing to foster a budding relationship with his girlfriend.

We were blessed to have Josh home from Afghanistan for an early Christmas. He never missed a Christmas with our family and he wasn't going to let his vacation in November change that. Josh was very excited for the simple pleasures of decorating the Christmas tree and playing with the kids. Josh was a wonderful uncle to his niece and two nephews. He bought a new bike for his niece and cheered-on his eldest nephew at hockey games. Josh loved kids and would have been a great father someday.

While Josh was in Afghanistan, he posted a Bible Verse on Facebook:

(Isaiah 41:10) "Fear not, for I am with you. Do not be dismayed for I am the Lord your God. I will strengthen you, yes I will help. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

Josh will be missed always and loved forever. His memories will always live on in our hearts.

-The Family of Joshua Baker

(source: Ottawa Citizen)

To read about Cpl. Baker's final journey home, go here.

Let us never forget our heroes and their families.


Adam said...

The suggestion is that you're acknowledging this soldier by simply lending space on your blog. I bet it took a lot out of you to reprint that statement.

Not only that but this guy was not a hero. He was KILLED, in fact MURDERED ('fallen' is just a little passive, dont ya think?), by a fellow soldier. How is that heroic? Its terribly unfortunate, but not heroic.

Get a grip

The Brat said...

@ Adam: As you have trouble with reading skills, let me spell it out for you: THIS post was focusing on a statement from this Fallen Hero's FAMILY.

As you may know, the circumstances of his death have now resulted in charges being laud against fellow soldiers.

Again: I ACTIVELY chose at the time of his death to share the FAMILY's statement. Whatever the circumstances here, to his family, and to some of us, Cpl Baker was a HERO, by virtue of his service.

That will not change.

There is absolutely nothing passive with what I do here. May I respectfully suggest that if you don't like what you read here, you find other sites which suit your needs more closely - and get a grip, yourself!

john mcnally said...

@ the name is John McNally. I am Joshua Bakers father. I wish to thank you for defending my sons honour and bravery from the likes of people such as adam who are obviously lacking enough brain cells to properly make a statement. My son is a hero and he is being honoured continuely to this day.

brat said...

Mr. McNally: Thank YOU for your comments to me.

I don't often post such comments as Adam's, but once in a while I think it does the public good to see what ignorance walks among us.

I made a promise long ago, that as long as I breathe, our Fallen Heroes and their families would be honoured. That will not change because of the likes of Adam.

My promise is easy to keep, as I always keep you, the families, in my heart.

Thank YOU, Sir, for your sacrifice..ALWAYS remembered.