Sunday, February 14, 2010

Toby Keith for Every Day Hero

As one comment says on this video:

My brother is a Canadian soldier. When I hear this song, the nationality of our troops doesn't even matter. I thank God for bringing him home safely from his tour in Afghanistan. God protect all soldiers who fight for the cause of freedom.... (here)

FOB Hopping with Toby Keith
Lifting the Spirits of Those Serving at the Frontlines

By Amy K. Mitchell

Entertainer Toby Keith

Upon entering a combat zone on a USO tour, the thought of being shot at or even possibly wounded does cross the mind.

Yet, as soon as you are on the ground, the focus becomes talking with new friends, relieving the burden of war, and paying tribute to the military's service and sacrifice with a few hours of entertainment at the bases visited. And even though war is always in the background, the tour is wrapped in the military's protective shroud, and you feel invincible.

Since the start of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, the USO has joined the military at the frontlines. Entertainers now regularly visit FOBs (forward operating bases) throughout the Afghanistan and Iraq AOR (areas of responsibility). And nobody has pushed the limit farther than Toby Keith.

For seven years, Toby Keith and his band of brothers have spent two unpaid weeks per year "FOB Hopping" with the USO. It is Toby himself who insists that when America's Toughest Tour goes on the road, they "go anywhere." To quote Toby's most popular military song, Toby "doesn't do it for the money" and he "doesn't do it for the glory."

There is an adage that applies if you can't hang on tour - shape up or ship out. After years of doing this, Toby's crew has the drill down: grab your helmet, put on your body armor, and get out there and perform. They are pros - the long hours of travel and spartan accommodations don't faze them. In fact, the rougher the conditions, the better.

"We started out trying to set an example, trying to get other entertainers and performers to come over and Americans to support the cause. We try to set the example and the bar pretty high," Toby explains. The country star has even gone a step farther and has assisted in recruiting other musicians for USO tours.


Soldiers enjoy Toby's show at FOB Shank sitting atop CONEX containers. USO photo by Dave Gatley

Go read the rest of this great article here. Toby Keith shows what it means to support our Every Day Heroes, every day.

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