Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CFB Trenton Moving Forward

From War on Terror News, an important piece by a Canadian military wife:


Together We Will Move Forward


Canadians were being asked to rally round their military after CFB Trenton Commander Russ Williams was arrested on February 7th. The full scoop on that can be found here at Assoluta Tranquillita CFB Trenton Military Appreciation Day.

A Canadian military wife, Angela MacIsaac felt the need to speak out and sent the following to me......

Together We Will Move Forward

By Angela MacIsaac

Two weeks ago a chill came over my body as I heard the announcement that our Base Commander was accused of some of the most heinous crimes imaginable. Up until that announcement, like everyone else in the Country, I was praying that Jessica Lloyd would safely return to her family’s arms.

In complete “shock” would be a word to describe how I felt. As a mother myself, the wind felt knocked out me, I couldn’t even imagine what the families were going through, my heart went out to them. All the hope and prayers that she was coming home ended in an aerial picture of where she was found.

These brutal acts, this taking of such beautiful lives was horrific in itself. Learning the identity of the accused, myself being a military spouse, deepened the devastation. First and foremost the families and friends of each woman involved, the two women that were left to continue on, and the spouse of the accused were in my prayers.

Another thought after the shock had subsided was where the media would take this. We all know the media can influence a public, good or bad. And as soon as I heard that first reporter ask, “How do you think this will affect the support of our Canadian troops?” it all began.

It is very easy to take anger, hurt, disappoint and fear out if given a direction and/or outlet. The media gave a target for a story to begin and in times where we all vulnerable as we all feel, they took advantage of all of our emotions.


There should not be any finger pointing concerning military, or the police. Stereotyping, excuses, and shame included. The only finger to point is to the accused sitting in the Quinte Detention Centre. No one else should be responsible for his actions. This is about the taking of beautiful lives and the sexual assaults of two women who will forever be traumatized, and never forget. It is about their families and friends and supporting them....

Go read the rest of this important column here.

Angela, one of our military wives, proves that no matter how the msm responds, our military and their families continue to "Stand on Guard for thee..."

Thank YOU, Angela.

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