Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FLAUNT THE AMERICAN FLAG DAY--Nationwide Protest Wednesday, May 12, 2010


FLAUNT THE AMERICAN FLAG DAY--Nationwide Protest Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Posted on Sunday, May 09, 2010 3:21:46 PM by kristinn

Patriotic Americans all across the nation are being called on to 'flaunt the American flag' on Wednesday, May 12, 2010 by wearing patriotic-themed clothing such as American flag style shirts, blouses, ties or jackets; American flag lapel pins or brooches; and by displaying the American flag at home, on your car or at your desk at work. You can even carry an American flag with you as you make your rounds on Wednesday and really flaunt that flag!

This is being done as a show of support for the American families in Morgan Hill, California whose students attending Live Oak High School were ordered to remove their American flag style shirts so as to not offend Mexican students on Cinco de Mayo last week.

Offended Mexican students walked out of class the next day and staged a protest march demanding "respect" for "our holiday" by demanding Americans not display the American flag on American soil.

One protester, Luis Jimenez, was videotaped by KNTV-TV saying, "Yesterday, it was our holiday, Cinco de Mayo. All of, like, the Americans thought they could wear their flags and just flaunt them in front of us."

Another Mexican protester was videotaped by KRON-TV ripping an American flag out of the hands of an American that same day.

In response, please send this message: We Americans will flaunt our flag on our soil anytime we please. If some folks don't like that, we have an old saying for them, "America, love it or leave it!"

Please e-mail and post this call to action on blogs, Facebook, Twitter and send it to you local and national Tea Party groups and talk radio hosts.

(Note to all the race-baiting liberals and weak-kneed David Brooks types, this is not about race, or even about Mexico. This is about Americans standing up for America on American soil. If you can't handle displays of patriotism, the same message above applies to you too.)

If anyone asks who started this and why May 12, just say it was started by a TEA-ed off American and May 12 just seems like a good day to wear the red, white and blue. (source)

America! Love it or leave it!

God bless America!!!


Dean said...

There is another old saying we have here; "Respect isn't given until it is earned."
In other words if the Mexicans want our respect they should try earning it for once instead of coming here with "gimme" attitudes as if we owe them something.

Thanks for posting this Brat.

AZ Angel said...

Thank you Brat!!

cat in florida said...

Awesome post my friend! I will be flaunting my flag in the great state of Florida!
I just tweeted a link 2 your post so many more can enjoy Martina's rendition of our treasured song.

JstMe2691 said...

I agree with what Dean said. I fly my flag everyday and dare anyone to try to take it down.

Oh by the way its me Marilyn LOL

Anonymous said...

Well, anyone that rips anything out of my hands better be 10 feet tall and 400 pounds. But then, the ground just might shake when he hits the ground. EMS won't be necessary!!!