Thursday, May 27, 2010

From the Front: 05/27/2010

In today's From the Front: (Click on link to read stories highlighted below) This post is courtesy of The Thunder Run

Kandahar Diary: The WolfPack Grows
CI-Roller Dude: What's that day for? A day off work....
Ssg B: The War Over Facebook
Family Matters Blog: Help Combat Stigma of Seeking Help
IraqPundit: Votes and Bullets
Kerplunk: Good and Evil
Bill Roggio: Pakistani Taliban assault district center in Nuristan
Loving A Soldier Blog: Military Family & Stouffers: Let's Fix Dinner Challenge
wifeunit: "Every coin has two sides, kiddo."
The Unknown Soldiers: The volunteer
Wings Over Iraq: The Defense Industry: Committed to Excellence
War is Boring: Embedded with Afghan Civil Society
Deebow: The Battle of Another Gun...
Blackfive: Rules of Engagement and Weapon Status
The Captain's Journal: McChrystal Calls Marjah a Bleeding Ulcer

News from the Home Front:
‘Service Before Self’
Army Launches Acquisition Review
Prisoners no longer making helmets for troops
Service Chiefs Seek to Delay Vote on Gays
Just another act of deadly treason

News from the Front:

Baghdad's Trade in Wildlife Anything but Tame
Iraq dissolves its national airline in dispute with Kuwait over war reparations
Iraqi Airways closed to avoid paying $1.2 billion for Saddam invasion
Iraqi Vote Results Sent to Court for Certification
U.S. withdrawal from Iraq will be on time, Vice President Biden says
Joint Training Sharpens ISF Skills
New Life Yields Hope for Displaced Iraqis
Marez Force Protection Shields Base

‘The Poo Pond’
Commander Cites Progress and Frustration in Afghanistan
Improving Schools in Northern Afghanistan
Afghan Army Chief, Advisor Shape Growing Force
ISAF Forces Set Sights on Kandahar
Pakistan Plans to Relax YouTube Ban
Militants Storm House, Kill 3 in NW Pakistan
Afghan Army Chief, Advisor Shape Growing Force
Coalition Forces Capture Provincial Taliban Commander
Trial Marks Change at Prison for Afghan Detainees
Taliban learning first aid from Red Cross workers
Afghan Police Say Pakistani Taliban Leader Killed
U.S., NATO Forces Set Sights on Kandahar
US, NATO Gear Up for Major Offensive in Kandahar
U.S. puts hopes in bedraggled Afghan police
IJC Operational Update, May 27
Pakistani troops kill 40 militants near Afghan border
Obama’s July 2011 Draw-Down Date for Afghanistan Sends Mixed Messages, Former Afghan Presidential Candidate Says
Afghan president's half-brother denies corruption
Case filed against Noristan governor

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