Friday, May 14, 2010

From the Front: 05/14/2010

In today's From the Front: (Click on link to read stories highlighted below) This post is courtesy of The Thunder Run


Kandahar Diary: Canadian Parking Drills, Eh...

Michael Yon: Penguins of Afghanistan

A Major's Perspective: It's The Little Things

Bouhammer: Does General McChrystal read

Bouhammer: The DADT controversy split amongst milbloggers

Army Blogger Wife: You know a deployment is looming when....

Gretchen Peters: Afghanistan’s poppy crop threatened by a tiny foe

Capt. Henry Brewster: Personal Identity in a War Zone

Fire and Ice: Something Old, Somethings New

Family Matters Blog: Blogger Continues Parenting Challenge

Lance Corporal Ashley Jones: The worrying wait

Lance Corporal Richard Savage: Frustrations of the stag

Bruce R: A couple notes in passing

Helmand Blog - Afghanistan: Coldstream Guards and Afghan Security Forces patrol together in Helmand

Home From Iraq: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Home From Iraq: Medals and Changes of Command

IraqPundit: Confusion Continues

Kerplunk: In Defense of Stream of Consciousness

Kit Up!: The Hardcore Insurgent Kit

Kit Up!: SITREP: Kit Up! Embed (Bagram)

Bill Roggio: 41 Taliban killed in heavy fighting in Afghan north

Red Bull Rising: The Long War and Long Good-byes

Two Brothers, Two Countries, One Army: Another Deployment, Another Year of Fun

The Unknown Soldiers: Witness to sacrifice

The Unknown Soldiers: Sergeant in charge

Noah Shachtman: Unlimited Talk, Only $679 Million: Inside the No-Bid Deal for Afghan Interpreters

The Captain's Journal: Counterinsurgency: Can it be something other than Population-Centric?

CJ: DADT Statement From Other Milbloggers

Cassandra: "Milbloggers" Not United on DADT Repeal

News from the Home Front:

70 area National Guard troops set to leave for training, then deployment to Afghanistan -

Army Releases April Suicide Data -

DOD Announces Release of Net Generation Guide -

News from the Front:

Iraq's New Qaeda "War Minister" Vows Attacks -

New al-Qaida in Iraq Chief Vows Blood-Soaked Days -

Attacks Kill 10 In Baghdad -

Despite political uncertainties in Iraq, U.S. sticking with drawdown plan -

New Security Team Arrives at Kirkuk -


Taliban Find Safe Haven In Pakistan's Karachi -

Can Obama save his Afghanistan surge? -

Combined Force Kills Dozens of Insurgents -

Protesters Say NATO Attack Killed Afghan Civilians -

Afghans Protest Deadly U.S. Raid -

Karzai Ends US Visit With Tribute to Fallen Soldiers -

In speech, Karzai, expresses satisfaction with outcome of Washington visit -

Troops likely to see spike in fighting -

Leaders Put Different Face on Afghan Drive -

IJC Operational Update, May 14 -

Crackdown warning for Afghan security firms -

Taliban to cash in as blight boosts price of Afghan heroin -

Mysterious ‘White Taleban’ strike fear in village hearts -

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