Thursday, May 6, 2010

From the Front: 05/06/2010

In today's From the Front: (Click on link to read stories highlighted below) This post is courtesy of The Thunder Run
AW1 Tim: An American Soldier
Katherine Tiedemann: Daily brief: evidence for Taliban role in Times Square plot growing
Army Blogger Wife: Deployment Question #18--How do you answer your children's questions?
Army Live: The Army Move
Fire and Ice: Getting Even Closer
Helmand Blog - Afghanistan: 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh back from Afghanistan
IraqPundit: What Merger?
LTC John: Our Man in Al-Asad Sends...
She Who Waits: Rather down lately
The Unknown Soldier: A life of fulfillment

News from the Home Front:
CIA drones have broader list of targets
GAO reports casts new doubt on Afghanistan policy
News from the Front:

String of assassinations raises spectre of renewed violence
U.S., Iraqi Firefighters Help Educate Scouts on Fire Safety
Moving Toward a New Government, Instability
Shiite agreement gives Iraq's clerics greater say
Two Shi’ite coalitions join forces in new Iraq government
Frying Pan to the Fire
Accord places Shia coalitions in pole position to form government
After Iraq election, Shiite parties announce alliance to form next government

Taliban order night phone blackout in Afghan north
IJC Operational Update, May 6
India and Pakistan's proxy war puts Afghanistan exit at risk
US, Karzai seek common view on Taliban talks
In Afghanistan, the clock is ticking
‘AfPak Hands’ Begin Immersion Training
Policy Chief ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ About Afghanistan
U.S., Karzai Seek Common View on Taliban Talks

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