Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Hidden Cost of Illegal Immigration

From Monkey in the Middle:

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Hidden Cost of Illegal Immigration


There are the standard costs in dollars of illegal immigration and illegal immigrants in this nation. The cost to the nation and states is staggering. The loss of jobs and the increase of crime, especially in the Southwestern states is becoming well documented.

But there is one cost, a hidden cost to this nation that is now associated with Illegal Immigration. The extreme pollution these animals people do to our land.
We, in Arizona , know you're boycotting us -- but you really should come out here and see our Beautiful Sonoran Desert .

It's just gorgeous right now! We know you'd love it and maybe you can share what you saw with the rest of the country so they can love it too!
This is on an 'illegal super - highway' from Mexico to the USA ( Tucson ) used by human smugglers.

This area is located in a wash, approximately 1.5 miles long, just south of Tucson , Arizona . If a flood came, all this would be washed to the river and then onto the sea!

And there is more, much more here.

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