Tuesday, May 18, 2010

From the Front: 05/18/2010

strong>In today's From the Front: (Click on link to read stories highlighted below) This post is courtesy of The Thunder Run

Army Household6:
the last phase
Katherine Tiedemann: Daily brief: Taliban suicide attacks blast Afghanistan, Pakistan
Army Live: Live Your Life Well
Family Matters Blog: Defense Department Seeks Families’ Input
Fraser From Iraq: Still Here
Free Range International: Necessary Secrets
IraqPundit: Politicians Still Dealing
Matt G: Remembering Mark
Knights of Afghanistan: Down Time
Learning to Live: thinking about Sean
Bill Roggio: Suicide bomber kills 12 in Pakistan's northwest
New Girl on Post: Dear Deployment...
Red Bull Rising: The Combat Arms Fashion Show
Our Army Life: Deployment 2010: IED Heroes
Registan.net: Momentum Change
LTC Rich Phillips: A Crazy Day at Kabul International Airport
Joan D'Arc: WANTED: PCS Fairy
airforcewife: I'm Obviously Too Old For This
The Unknown Soldiers: 'Death before dishonor'
The Unknown Soldiers: Celebrating a job well done
Wings Over Iraq: Nagl v. Galbraith. FIGHT!
The Captain's Journal: Marine Corps Prepares for Budget Cuts
Jules Crittenden: Forever War

News from the Home Front:
"Be safe. Make us proud," governor tells Washington National Guard troops preparing to deploy to Afghanistan
DOD Announces Recruiting and Retention Numbers for April 2010
Recalled Helmets No ‘Direct Risk’ to Soldiers
Appointment of admiral seen as key in 9/11 trial switch

News from the Front:
Baghdad to enclose city with 15ft wall to keep suicide bombers out
After Iraq elections, panel says it will keep trying to disqualify new lawmakers
Iraqi Court Supports Barred Candidates

ISAF, U.S. Embassy Members Connect with Soccer
Twelve Killed By Bicycle Bomb In Pakistan
Suicide Attack Kills 11 People in NW Pakistan
Pakistan seen restricting data from mullah
NATO Aids Search and Rescue Efforts in Afghan Plane Crash
NATO says night raid killed Afghan insurgents; residents say it killed civilians
Suicide Attacker Kills At Least 18 In Afghan Capital
Bomb attack on NATO convoy kills 18 in Kabul
Afghan suicide bomb kills at least 18, including 5 Americans
In Afghanistan’s North, Ex-Warlord Offers Security
IJC Operational Update, May 18 -
Army Specialists Overcome Challenges at Combat Outposts
Explosion in Kabul
Abdullah: Afghan parliamentary election a 'big test'
Noted Pak TV journalist, Hamid Mir, Taliban, rubbish telephonic chat reports
Business booms for ancient Afghan letter writing art
Bill for Afghan War Could Run into the Trillions
Afghan forces recover abducted UN workers
Afghan president describes US visit as successful

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