Monday, November 18, 2013

Afghan Diggers memorial wall in Tarin Kowt destroyed

From Herald Sun:

Defence destroys Afghan Diggers memorial wall in Tarin Kowt 

National Defence Writer 
November 14, 2013 

ARMY engineers have destroyed the Australian-built memorial wall at Tarin Kowt that carried the names of 40 diggers killed in Afghanistan since 2002. 
Veterans Affairs Minister Michael Ronaldson made the grim announcement in Parliament in response to a question from Labor Senator Don Farrell.

The wall also featured the names of 74 coalition troops killed in Oruzgan Province.

Defence Chief General David Hurley made the decision to destroy the wall rather than try to bring it home triggering a wave of protest from families, the community and the Australian War Memorial.
The decision to paint over the names and break up and bury the concrete wall was later explained to families during an emotional visit to Camp Holland where the wall was located outside the mess where it featured in commemorative ceremonies over the years....

More - plus video - here.

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