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The 'religion of peace' keeps spreading the gospel

Islamists kill 27, burn houses in Nigerian village attack

(AGI) Maiduguri, Nov 4 - At least 27 people were killed and 12 were injured when their village in northeast Nigeria was attacked by Boko Haram militants, local government sources have reported. At least 300 houses were burned. The gang arrived in trucks and motorcycles near Bama, which Boko Haram has attacked in the past. . .

On a DAILY basis, stories like this surface.. From JihadWatch:   

Nigeria: Islamic jihadists murder 30 in wedding convoy, including the groom

"Islamophobia is the biggest threat to peace in the world today." -- U.S. "academic" Kevin Barrett in Iran's state-run PressTV

"Nigeria official: Gunmen kill 30 in wedding convoy," by Ibrahim Abdulaziz for the Associated Press, November 3 (thanks to Lookmann):

YOLA, Nigeria (AP) — Suspected Islamic militants attacked a wedding convoy in northeast Nigeria and killed more than 30 people including the groom, a state government spokesman said Sunday. 

Military spokesman Lt. Col. Muhammed Dole said only five people were killed in Saturday’s attack on the highway between Gama and Gwoza towns in Borno state. That road runs alongside forests that are a known hideout of Islamic militants of the Boko Haram terrorist network.

But a minibus taxi driver said he passed many bodies on the road near Firgi village, where the wedding ceremony took place Saturday....

Yes, there is more here. 

In Kenya, another:

Kenyan pastors ask for AK-47s to counter Islamic jihad attacks

Christianity has never opposed self-defense. "Kenyan Pastors Ask for AK-47s Amid Radical Muslim Persecution," by Fredrick Nzwili for RNS, November 1 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

As attacks on Christians mount in Kenya’s coastal region, some evangelical pastors in the Mombasa area may no longer be willing to turn the other cheek.
Worried about attacks against their churches and congregations, some pastors are asking for rifles to protect themselves from suspected Islamic extremists.

The violence intensified on Oct. 20 and 21, when two evangelical church pastors were killed inside their churches. Pastor Charles Mathole, 41, was killed Oct. 20 as he prayed inside his Vikwatani Redeemed Gospel Church. The following day, East African Pentecostal Church pastor Ibrahim Kithaka was found dead in Kilifi, about 35 miles north of Mombasa.

Christian leaders blame the attacks on increased radicalization of Muslim youth. The attacks have occurred amid protests by Muslims that they were being targeted in Nairobi’s war against terrorism....

Details here. 

In Egypt, the 'religion of peace' continues to attack any and all 'infidels':

The nonstop kidnapping and plundering of Egypt's Christian Copts

The kidnapping and plundering of Egypt’s Christian Copts continues unabated. As recently revealed on CTV, in a village called Maghlaga, in the district of Malawi—where Muslim Brotherhood supporters earlier ransacked and plundered a museum housing Egyptian antiquities—a Muslim gang leader known as “Saddam” has been going to every one of the approximately 80 Coptic households in the village demanding jizya/extortion money from them....


Such hate for Egypt’s Christians is hardly unprecedented. Earlier another Muslim man kidnapped a 6-year-old Christian boy and, after the family paid the ransom, still killed the child and threw his body in his sewer....

Much more here.

There are those who insist that what happens over there is nothing to do with us, and if we just mind our own business, *they* will leave us alone.  Read on:

Afghan, Iranians found on Canada flight with fake tickets

Caracas (AFP) - A Toronto-bound flight was stopped shortly before departure from Caracas when four Iranians and an Afghan were found aboard with fake tickets and no visas, Venezuelan officials said Saturday.

The captain of Air Canada Flight 075 discovered there were five extra passengers aboard his flight as it was scheduled to depart late Friday, said Luis Graterol, the head of the Simon Bolivar Maiquetia International Airport.

All those on board were forced to disembark and military officials identified the suspicious passengers, Graterol told the state-run Venezuelan News Agency.

The Iranians and the Afghan "did not have a visa to enter Canada, nor legitimate tickets," Graterol said.

He added that the flight had been delayed for five hours due to the incident. 

The office of Venezuela's prosecutor general said that charges will be pressed against four people in the case: a member of Venezuela’s immigration office, an Air Canada employee, and two workers with an airport security company...

More here with H/T to JihadWatch.

"Islamophobia is the biggest threat to peace in the world today." -- U.S. "academic" Kevin Barrett

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