Wednesday, November 20, 2013

GITMO: Today's *torture* story

Everybody knows how abused the poor misunderstood residents of GITMO are on a daily basis.  From Jihad Watch, comes the latest evidence of why the camp of torture MUST be closed ASAP:

Your tax dollars at work: U.S. spends millions on landscaping, art classes for jihad terror detainees at Gitmo

 Gitmo lunch -- torture!

Torture! "Gitmo good life: U.S. spends millions on landscaping, art classes for terror detainees," by Jim McElhatton for the Washington Times, November 18[...]

Thanks to a multimillion-dollar federal contract, Guantanamo Bay prisoners can enroll in seminars to learn all about basic landscaping and pruning, calligraphy and Microsoft PowerPoint while the U.S. figures out what to do with them. 
Prisoners also can get in touch with their artistic sides.

“At a minimum, the art seminar shall include water color painting, charcoal sketching, Arabic calligraphy, acrylic painting and pastel painting,” contract records reviewed by The Washington Times state.

The documents surfaced last week in a U.S. Court of Federal Claims lawsuit stemming from a dispute over a more than $5 million contract to provide library and seminar services to detainees at U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The papers offer a glimpse at just how military detainees can pass the time while officials decide their fates.

President Obama is pushing once again to make good on his promise to shut down the prison, hoping to make it easier to transfer detainees out of the facility as part of the upcoming debate on the annual defense policy bill....

Because landscaping skills will certainly be a useful life skill for those recidivists among the released GITMO residents.  

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