Saturday, November 30, 2013

Netanyahu: "...we will act as a light unto the nations.”

From JihadWatch:

Netanyahu vows to banish "darkness" of Iran nuclear program


A light unto the nations indeed. "Netanyahu vows to banish ‘darkness’ of Iran nuclear program," by Joshua Davidovich for the Times of Israel, November 28:

Melding the Hanukkah holiday and foreign affairs, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu solemnly vowed to act as a “light unto the nations” and act against Iran’s nuclear program should diplomacy fail Thursday night. 

Speaking at the Western Wall for a Hanukkah candle-lighting ceremony, Netanyahu compared Iran’s nuclear program to a darkness that would be forced out by Israel, referencing a popular children’s song for the holiday.

“We came to drive out the darkness, and the largest darkness that threatens the world today is a nuclear Iran,” he said. “We are bound to do all we can to prevent this darkness. If possible we will do this diplomatically, if not we will act as a light unto the nations.”...

There IS more, here.

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