Monday, November 4, 2013

Snowden to Germany: Fact or Fiction?

As the MIC administration continues to paint  Edward Snowden as a traitor,  others hail him as a hero whistle-blower.  Stuck in Russia for months despite a US request to send him back to America, comes word this morning that he is going to Germany.

From the EU Times:

Snowden ready to go to Germany under asylum as his letter to Berlin revealed 

Nov 2nd, 2013

NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, is ready to go to Germany and testify over the US wiretapping of Angela Merkel’s phone on condition of granting him political asylum, a German MP who met Snowden has said. He also revealed the text of Snowden’s letter.

Former contractor of the US National Security Agency, Snowden on Friday indicated he is ready to testify over the facts about the American snooping revealed in leaked documents, but only after his “humanitarian situation” is resolved, according to a letter handed over by Snowden to German Greens lawmaker, Hans-Christian Stroebele.

“Though the outcome of my efforts has been demonstrably positive, my government continues to treat dissent as defection, and seeks to criminalize political speech with felony charges that provide no defense. However, speaking the truth is not a crime,” Snowden said in his letter to German officials.

The whistleblower added he is “confident” that, with the support of the international community, the US government will have to renounce its “harmful behavior.”

Snowden, who has been granted temporary asylum in Russia and is wanted in the US, said he will be able to “cooperate in the responsible finding of fact regarding reports in the media, particularly in regard to the truth and authenticity of documents, as appropriate and in accordance with the law,” as soon as the details of his situation are resolved.

Addressing the German government, Snowden said he looks forward to speaking on the facts he revealed on Germany, also thanking Berlin for its “efforts in upholding the international laws that protect us all.”...

Much more, including a copy of a letter supposedly from Snowden, here.

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