Thursday, December 19, 2013

GITMO Justice drags on: 'THIS just in'

Remember yesterday when I wrote this?

Diane and Ken Fairben - parents of Keith (over there in my sidebar) - are attending the Hearings, and Diane just added this to the above information:

Two days they had to remove one of them for yelling and ranting in court.
Yesterday, defense was asking for 10 month delay to file motions on something.... Pohl is also trying the USS Cole case, in Sept...and our hearings will stop until that trial in done.  Maybe 3-4 months. 

I just got word that apparently one of those ranters from yesterday started the same way today: ranting, and out of control.   Within minutes, defendant Ramzi Binalshibh was ordered removed from the court room.  At that point his lawyer asked for a psychiatric evaluation to be ordered on his client.

It was revealed that Binalshibh had previously had a psychiatric evaluation back in 2008, but the Judge agreed to this latest defence request. As a result the Hearing scheduled for this week was cancelled.

I am told that this now means further delays  in the ongoing pre-trial motions.
Sometimes the wheels of justice DO grind exceedingly slowly.  

I volunteer to do that psychiatric evaluation, and then this whole thing can continue on in a timely manner.  I will update here, as and when the official press release is available.

Pay attention.....

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