Friday, December 20, 2013

Northern Ireland: Major bomb plot

Remember Northern Ireland?  

From Homeland Security News Wire:


Major bomb plot thwarted in Northern Ireland

20 December 2013

Police on both sides of the Irish border have collaborated to foil a major bomb attack on a target in Belfast. Gardaí and the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) said the plot was linked to the arrest of two teenagers at a house just north of the border in south Armagh on Wednesday, where bomb making materials and equipment were found. Security sources note that the discovery comes after two separate dissident republican bomb attacks in Belfast’s commercial center since Friday. Security has been stepped up not only in Belfast but also along the border in the run up to Christmas as the PSNI and Garda are cooperating in an effort to thwart dissident republicans from carrying out a so-called terrorist “spectacular” during the festive period....


To read the usual msm sources, is to believe all has been peaceful for years in Northern Ireland.  Not so. For just a small  insight into what the people face daily, go read the rest of  this latest here.

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