Monday, December 9, 2013

US Dept. of Education rolls the dice - in Vegas

As the rage about the foisting of the Common Core curriculum gathers steam across America, comes this prime example of 'new math' by the US government.

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U.S. Education Department hits the Vegas Strip

This week at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, the U.S. Department of Education spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to host a conference on federal student aid programs, spurning a call from a Republican Senator to cancel the 2013 Federal Student Aid conference as a way to save money in the face of automatic budget cuts from sequestration.

The gathering drew a visit by Education Secretary Arne Duncan, who told the Vegas conference that the existing financial aid system, "does not encourage students to stay in and complete school."
"Great to spend time yesterday with 6,000+ financial aid administrators," Duncan wrote on Twitter about his trip.   

The over 6,000 financial aid administrators at the Las Vegas conference were not federal employees - it is very important to note that - as this Federal Student Aid conference was aimed mainly at training for financial aid workers from schools around the nation, with a much smaller number of feds helping in what's described as "an instructional or support capacity."

But it still costs Uncle Sam a chunk of money to host this gathering and bring some employees out to Vegas for the conference.

Back in July, the Education Department told me the 2011 FSA training conference at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas cost the feds $1.6 million, while the 2012 conference held at the Peabody Hotel in Orlando clocked in at over $970,000....

There really IS A a lot more here, with FACTS that should make every parent's, and every taxpayer's,  blood boil.

THIS governments 'new math'??? Rotten to the core.


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