Wednesday, December 11, 2013

US Medevacs still in the fight in AFG

From Stars and Stripes:

US medevac crews still play a major role in Afghan conflict

  MAIWAND, Afghanistan — He arrived wrapped in green foil and laid out on a litter, like some terrible gift from the men who tried to kill him.

The commander of an Afghan army company, he had been struck by the blast and shrapnel of a roadside bomb while on patrol and carried to a U.S. aid station for treatment. 

Flight medics now loaded his litter into a Black Hawk helicopter and tore open the foil wrap as the aircraft lifted. The blast had nearly amputated the left leg above the knee. A makeshift tourniquet torn from an Afghan uniform had been wrapped above the wound; bandages swaddled a bloody head.

A medic placed a breathing mask over the man’s face and squeezed the bottle at regular intervals. Another handed a bag of saline to the armed U.S. soldier escorting the casualty and shouted over the whir of the helicopter rotor.

“Squeeze it!” he yelled....

More on this great story (and pictures) here.  Yep, we DO love our MedEvacs...

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