Tuesday, December 17, 2013

UK Airborne Medics in Exercise Serpent's Anvil

From MoD:

16 December 2013

From infected insect bites to gunshot wounds, medics have been practising treating injuries they may have to deal with on operations.

Exercise Serpent’s Anvil has tested the techniques and the high-tech, lightweight equipment that 16 Medical Regiment would use to provide medical care as part of the Air Assault Task Force – the British Army’s rapid reaction force.

The training saw Colchester’s Friday Woods stand in for a fictional African country where British troops have been deployed to help bring stability in the face of an insurgent threat. 

Within an hour of arriving, the medics had set up a tented treatment facility and received their first casualties. 

Within 3 hours the unit was running at full capability, with a resuscitation suite, operating theatre, intensive care beds, a holding ward and primary care facilities.

Across the week-long exercise the medics received a steady stream of simulated casualties, including injured soldiers evacuated from the battlefield by an RAF Merlin helicopter....

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