Sunday, December 22, 2013

Postcards from War: 'Diary Rooms' from the frontlines

From British Forces News

'Diary Rooms' captures thoughts from the frontline 

A war artist who found a unique way to capture a snapshot of what was in the hearts and minds of service men and women on the front line in Afghanistan is on a new mission.

In 2011 Derek Eland asked those he met to each write their unique story or a poem on a postcard to create a self portrait. These were later turned into a series of "Diary Rooms." Now he wants to take these dusty handwritten postcards and publish them as an insight into conflict in a book called "In Our Own Words."  

For a video of some of these postcards go here.

This project - 'In our Own Words' -is now going to be a book, and here you'll find more photos and details on the plans..


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