Friday, November 12, 2010


Taliban Prisoner and Flag Captured by Police in Groundbreaking Joint Operation

November 12, 2010
by ukforcesafghanistan

A groundbreaking operation, which saw unprecedented co-operation between different branches of the Afghan police and security agencies, has reached out to locals and begun the process of driving insurgents out of part of Helmand province.

The Commanders

Operation ZMARAY SARAK 5, a joint effort by the Afghan National Police, Afghan Border Police and troops from the National Directorate of Security, has begun clearing a large area to the east of provincial capital Lashkar Gah of Taliban aggression, with a key local member detained and their symbolic white flag confiscated.

The assault – completed in just a few hours – also saw the capture of three drug runners, 250 kilogrammes of heroin and a stash of weaponry, as well as important engagement and relationship-building with local residents...

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