Monday, November 1, 2010

Valour-IT update

Today's Valour-IT post comes from Delta Bravo Sierra:

Alright boys and girls. It’s fund raising time for Soldiers Angels: Project Valour-IT. You can donate here by pressing the little green button up on the top left of your screen or you can find more info from the other green button OR by following the link in this post. Your choice.

Unfortunately I don’t have a cool thermometer to show you how the fund raiser is progressing. I couldn’t find code for it anywhere. Blackfive and This Ain’t Hell both have cool thermometers. You can look at theirs. Or just go to the Soldiers Angels site and look at theirs.

I think you folks know by now that I don’t push much of anything from this site or from my comic. I don’t even try very hard to push my own crappy coffee cups and stuff. BUT I do support Project Valour every year. I support it avidly.

So I’m going to pester you to donate a little something up until at least Veterans day. One dollar, two dollars, ten, or twenty … anything you can part with is appreciated....(here)

Goooooooooooo ARMY!

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