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Ahmed Wali Karzai's Assassin Trained by CIA

From War on Terror News:


Ahmed Wali Karzai's Assassin Trained by CIA

Obama Hu Dark

Sardar Mohammed, the assassin of Ahmed Wali Karzai, is a story of intrique, of espionage, of double and triple crosses, but in a different time or if his target had been a different man, the accusations would implicate the CIA in the deed. It demonstrates the complexity of Afghanistan, and of international politics.

For years, the Obama Administration has run a smear campaign against Ahmed Wali Karzai, accusing him through the MSM of being a corrupt War Lord and Drug Runner. Why not? The Administration has been campaigning against Hamid Karzai since Obama took office. Wali was simply a good excuse to be against his brother. It turns out, the President's brother was not only an influential member of Afghan society, but used his personal finances to pay the Police when the government defaulted.

Mohammed was a trusted member of Wali Karzai's inner circle, a member of special operations unit fighting the Taliban, and evidently forced to kill his boss and friend, by the Taliban. He had trained with US Special Forces, and the CIA. Wali Karzai had eaten at his house, and it appears, that the Taliban had gotten to him at least 3 months ago. Mohammed had also had meetings with Brit officials.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. Western Governments haven't had reason to deny involvement, though they did question Taliban involvement.

No matter how you slice this, it doesn't bode well for the Administration claim that it's time to pull out of Afghanistan. It is but another example of the Administration's inability to comprehend Afghan Culture and Society. From the Karzai point of view, one must question how someone trained by the US would turn on the man he was supposed to protect, particularly after such a protracted campaign against him. From the American perspective, one must question how 3 months of questionable activity went unnoticed. From the international perspective, one must question how deep the tentacles of the Taliban really run....

As always, WOTN lays it all out - connects the dots. Go here to read the whole thing..

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