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Peanut: Proof of the Power of Love

Remember Peanut?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Prayers for Peanut

Please pray to whichever God you believe in for precious Peanut. God knows the need.. (IsabellasAngels)

What a strange and wondrous journey it has been for Peanut and those who love her.

Today, the picture at the beginning of this post is our girl Peanut that comes with the latest update.:

Who could foretell that when a precious little angel came into our lives in January 2007, events would unfold that for the next 3 1/2 years would change our lives forever. It was a time where our strength, faith, courage, and commitment, were tested and challenged, causing us to change and grow in so many ways, while at the same time making us laugh and cry, and cause so many amazing and wonderful people, not just locally, but around the world to join together in unity, first to pray for a little girl on the brink of death to survive, then, to seek God's help in
returning her to us, fulfilling our hearts desire to come together in love as a
new family, giving this dear and very special little girl a loving home,
providing the love and support she needs.

At long last our journey to love, cherish, and make this precious child our daughter is finally over. The dust has settled, the battle won. We stand, healing from the wounds of battle, exhausted, yet victorious. With renewed faith, and the lessons learned in this journey, we humbly stand strong, with the love of God and with the love and support of many new and wonderful friends who joined us in this battle coursing through our veins, we heal. What we were told was impossible, has been made
reality! Thanks be to God, and to the many, many tears, prayers, and the
unconditional love and support of so many, and in so many ways, Antonia will now be our daughter, not just in our hearts and in God's heart, but now, in the eyes of the law, forever.

And who is this precious Peanut in the process of becoming? Some of Rob's update:

Our family continues to change and grow, as we adapt to Peanut's growth and advancements. And boy have there been a LOT !!! It's amazing to watch this little angel grow! She is 4 1/2 now, turns 5 the end of September...


She, like I said is in school, starts special ed kindergarten in a few weeks, and one of the many surprises she whoops on us is that she just loves going back & forth to school on the bus! Go figure! We were encouraged to let her ride the bus, and she goes ½ days, which means she gets picked up around 0730, and gets home roughly 1100-1130ish. I can't believe she likes riding on the bus. The driver & aide are wonderful, and play with the kids the whole time. Even going on the lift to get in the bus doesn't bother her, but gotta tell ya, dad was wired tight the first few times he watched her go on & off the bus!

She is growing like a weed. She is 4½, and wears sizes 6-8. She's a BIG girl. And is the most flexible kid I've ever seen! UC Davis Medical Center gave her botox injections in every joint when she was there a number of times and massaged every joint after the botox was injected to prevent her extremities curling up and growing rigid. And she can get in the darndest positions! She literally does flips in her crib! It's like her personal jungle gym, she just gets crazy in that thing!LOL

She is still wheelchair bound, but gets therapy at school, and after school, and these folks are amazing. She is working hard, but smiles almost 24hrs a day. Hardly ever cries, and loves to pull her legs up to her face and around her head! Gumby baby! She still rolls around on the floor, not crawling yet, but I think things just need to wire up topside and then we'll be running to catch her!

She is jabbering up a storm. No words, but seems like she wants to talk. Therapists are going to work on trying to develop a sign language with her so she can communicate with others while they continue to work on her speech development. They are angels! The other day, she started laughing. Not a surprise, as she has been laughing more & more recently, but no joke, she laughed ALL DAY! I wish I'd a taped it. It was incredible! I guess some wires in the laughter department finally wired up together...

So that's pretty much a quick & dirty update as to the family & our beloved Peanut! Oh by the way, did I forgot to mention that I have a SUPER SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT to make.

But maybe I'll save that for a day or two, so if anyone's interested, they can read through this world record post!

Stay tuned for a special announcement! I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming

And here's the fantastic news that Rob was talking about:

On July 26, at 9am in Sacramento, CA, Peanut will be officially adopted by Robert and Katrina..

We pray & request your presence that you would stand with us in witness, as we finalize the adoption of our new daughter: Antonia Theodora Catherine

For those of you who are new to the story of love and faith and Peanut:


Every Day Hero BONUS

B*N*S*N(with a great Peanut video.)

That is just a few of the posts on Peanut, but one of my favourites? From September 2009:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Peanut is HOME

Update from Don:

...Peanut is home where she belongs......with Rob and Kat. She arrived last Friday afternoon and I was there to meet her as were Rob's parents.

She is doing quite well and seems to know that she is finally where she is loved. She is a big hit with the three dogs of the house, even Gus the Beagle who had not met her before. In fact he either sits or lies at her feet watching over her. Animals just seem to know don't they.

Rob and Kat are working out the kinks and getting her settled into her new home. She will be going to work with Rob until they get a home nurse in place. They came home from Sacramento with a truck full of equipment and medical and feeding supplies to tide her over......

Anyway a dream has been realized and prayers have been answered and our little girl is with the people that love her so very much....


Anyway a dream has been realized and prayers have been answered and our little girl is with the people that love her so very much....

That right there is testimony to the power of prayer and love, and I couldn't be more thrilled. I won't be at the official legal adoption ceremony next week in person, but I most surely will be there in spirit, as always cheering on this most amazing child and the family who loves her unconditionally..

Keep on flying, Peanut. FLY!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update of Peanut. Congrats to the entire family that on July 26th the family will LEAGLLY become a Family Unit...but we already know it's been that for a long, long time. Congrats!
Proud Army Mom