Monday, July 18, 2011

Captain Trevor Greene taking great strides

In March 2006, Canadian Captain Trevor Greene was severely injured while attending a shura in Gumbad, Afghanistan. Sitting with village elders, with his helmet off as a mark of respect, Greene was attacked and his head split wide open by an axe wielded by a terrorist..

Read the original CBC news story here.

Capt Trevor Greene, severely wounded in Afghanistan in March 2006, pictured here at the military camp in Kelowna during Operation Peregrine in 2003. (Photo: Cdr Paul Seguna, CF Public Affairs)

(courtesy of Okanagan Military Museum)

Transported initially to Landstuhl, Germany, Greene was eventually taken home to Canada, and there began his grueling, amazing road to recovery.

Today, via Canadian Veterans Advocacy group comes the latest update about this amazing man and his family:

How Capt. Trevor Greene came back from an Afghan axe to the head

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