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Army signallers listen in on Taliban

A People In Defence news article

5 Mar 12

Armed with receivers, satellite communications and other systems, 14 Signal Regiment serve as the finely-tuned ears of the British Army.

A soldier using a headset to communicate with his colleagues

A soldier using a headset to communicate with his colleagues
[Picture: Graeme Main, Crown Copyright/MOD 2012]

Faced with an enemy that works in the shadows of Afghanistan's innocent population, it is essential for the British Army to pre-empt lethal attacks.

While varied intelligence-gathering is nothing new to Helmand province, evolving technological capabilities on both sides of the fight mean that 'electronic warfare' is becoming an increasingly significant term.

By listening in on insurgents, the International Security Assistance Force gathers information on when, why and how the Taliban plans to make its moves.

Corporal Darren Fowler, who works as a communications systems operator with 223 Signal Squadron, part of 14 Signal Regiment, said:

"Our role is to collect intelligence within theatre. With our state-of-the-art equipment we can monitor messages to find insurgents' tactical procedures."

Corporal Fowler will form part of the Op HERRICK 16 contingent running new specialist 'manpacks' which enable operators to tap into communications in real time.

Details of this technology are classified but such vital work has seen 14 Signal Regiment represented on each UK mission since the Falklands War....

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