Friday, March 2, 2012

DHS report says airport scanners are safe

From Homeland Security News Wire:

2 March 2012

DHS maintains scanners are safe // Source:

A new report by the DHS Inspector General concludes that the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) full body scanners are safe.

In the report, released on Tuesday, the Inspector General reviewed five independent studies and concluded that an airline passenger would have to be subjected to 17,000 screenings a year, or forty-seven a day, to reach the limit of acceptable radiation dosing.

The Washington Times reports Senator Susan Collins (R – Maine), the ranking member of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, was not convinced by the report and maintained that an independent non-governmental organization should study the machines.

“This report is not the report I requested,” Collins said. “An independent study is needed to protect the public and determine what technology is worthy of taxpayer dollars,” she said...

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